Raising money has never tasted so good! We have a variety of fundraising options for charities, groups, individuals, and organizations!


Fundraiser Cards

We offer a Drink, Pretzel Bite, and Cookie Fundraiser Card. Organizations can choose to sell 1 or both cards during their fundraiser. Our Drink Card offers 10 free 44oz Sodas, our Pretzel Bite card offers 8 free cups and dips, and our Cookie Card offers 10 free cookies.

44 oz Drink Sale Price: $30.00 Cookies Sale Price: $22.50 Pretzel Bites Price: $26.00

Click ‘Request Info’ to find out more about our cards and team sponsorships; or to schedule a fundraiser. 
Organizations sell the cards at the sale price listed above and receive an immediate earning benefit for each card sold once they complete their fundraiser. Fundraisers are available in Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas.


Fundraiser Nights

We do more than just serve delicious drinks. Our stores are committed to participating in the community and one way we do that is through Fundraiser nights.

Organizations keep 25% of sales when hosting a fundraiser with Swig!
*Gift Card sales not included

Click ‘Request Info’ to find out more or schedule a fundraiser.

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